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Exceptional quality Pallet Manufacturing,
Distribution and Recycling.

Products & Services

Reliable Pallet Products and Services to address the needs of your business.

At Fricks Pallet Company, we offer both pallet purchasing and pallet distribution services. We’re flexible with both and can meet almost any pallet need our customers may have.

"Excellent! " - Angela Solval
Custom Pallets

Fricks Pallet Company is the company to use for your Custom pallet needs! We offer multiple options being our recycled, new, and combo pallets that can add value to your organization. Our head of Business Development specializes in Custom work, and will come to your facility to provide a detailed analysis to help with the process. Contact us today to learn about how you can improve your Custom pallet operation!

Our COMBO pallets are one of the many ways that we stand out from the rest. This is a pallet consisting of both New and Recycled material. At economy, this pallet can help your business grow tremendously!

New Pallets

Every staff member at Fricks Pallet Company cares about his or her work and it shows up in our service. We empower them with confidence, which they pass along to each and every client.

Recycled Standard Pallets

As a large pallet recycler, we take in recycled pallets every single day making us a sustainable business. We can offer fully recycled 48x40 GMA's, both A and B grade. We can also offer custom pallets of many different dimensions to fit your specific needs!

Pallet Purchasing

From distribution centers to storage facilities, many companies find themselves with an excess of pallets. Why send them to a landfill or let them sit around when you can turn them into cash? Whether you have standard or odd-sized pallets, we offer extremely competitive prices for them and always welcome walk-ins for small or large quantities.

Our pallet purchasing guarantees:

24-hour turnaround (if you sell pallets, we’ll pick it up in 24 hours or less)
No trailer drop fee
Top-dollar for your used pallets

Timely payments in the manner you request

Pallet Distribution

Need pallets? We’ve got ‘em. Our distribution partners include many of DFW’s largest distribution centers, warehouses and other facilities. Not only do we build each order to your specifications, we’ll deliver the trailer load of pallets right to your loading dock at no additional cost. You read that right. At Fricks Pallet Company, we don’t charge a delivery fee or trailer drop fee! Simply pay for the pallets and we’ll get them to you.

At Fricks Pallet Company, our drivers ensure that your product reaches your facility safely, efficiently and on time. All our trailers are up to DOT inspection regulations. We ensure that your product reaches your facility safely and efficiently.

Heat Treating

Fricks Pallet Company is one of the only pallet companies in the DFW Metroplex that has its very own heat-treating program on site. Not only does heat treating wood help prevent the spread of environmentally harmful insects, but it’s been a requirement for international shipping since 2004. All exported wood products to other countries need to be compliant with the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) international standard ISPM 15:

“Wood packaging material should be heated in a schedule that achieves a minimum core temperature of 56°C (140°F) for a minimum of 30 minutes. The American Lumber Standards Committee (ALSC) administers the U.S. certification program for heat treatment.”

If your company deals with international shipping or needs heat-treated wood for any other purpose, you can have peace of mind knowing Fricks Pallet Company is IPPC-certified and meets internationally required standards. Most of the smaller pallet companies in the area simply can’t offer this service.

Custom Shipping and Packaging Wood Products

If you have a wood shipping or packaging need that is very specialized, we can help. We can design a solution to meet almost any need. Contact our sales staff today to discuss your specific requirements.

Recycling Services

We offer a variety of recycling services, from both wood and plastic pallets, shrink wrap, cardboard, and many other materials to offer our customers a sustainable recycling solution!

How can we help your business?

We’re here to help. Complete the information and let us know how we can help your business.